Recommended Courses

The Actuarial Science Concentration prepares a student to become an actuary. Actuaries must learn mathematics, economics, finance, and computer programming.

Courses essential for exams:

  • MATH 3355 Probability (Exam P)
  • MATH 4050 Interest Theory (Exam FM)
  • FIN 4850 (Exam IFM): You should first take FIN 3715 and MATH 4050. Actuarial students will have to be added by the finance department’s UG advisor.

A new course on statistical learning is being piloted for Exam SRM and offered in EXST for the fall. The prerequisites are MATH 4056 and EXST 3201. If you are interested in taking it in the fall, then contact Prof. Smolinsky.

A new SOA requirement of Predictive Analytics begins in June 2018. I recommend CSC 2730 and CSC 4740. A student must have a two-course prerequisite sequence in order to take these courses. Computer Science recommends CSC 1253 and CSC 1254. (They may allow ISDS 1100 and ISDS 3107.)

Courses for VEE:

  • ECON 2030 Economic Principles (VEE)
  • MATH 4056 Mathematical Statistics (VEE)
  • ACCT 2001 Intro to Financial Accounting (VEE)
  • FIN 3715 Business Finance (VEE)

Other courses of interest:

  • EXST 2201 Statistical Analysis (prerequisite for EXST 3201)
  • EXST 3201 Statistical Analysis (VEE)
  • MATH 4153 Linear Algebra
  • FIN 3440 Risk & Insurance: You should first take FIN 3715. Actuarial science students are admitted to the FIN 3440 without the Business Law prerequisite.
  • MATH 4058 Stochastic Processes
  • MATH 2085 Linear Algebra