LSU College of Science

Copier Instructions

These steps pertain to the photocopiers in 301G Lockett ("mail room")

To obtain your individual copier code, see

Frequently Given Answers:

  1. Why do I have to enter my copier code to send scans by e-mail? Answer:For a consistent user experience, you are required to enter your copier code no matter which feature you're using.
  2. I have documents on a USB thumb drive. How can I print those? Answer: To reduce costs, the photocopiers do not serve as general purpose printers. You can print to our less costly network printers from your office computer.
  3. We used to be able to scroll through the entire address book. Can that functionality be restored? Answer: With the prior "local address book", the search feature was essentially broken, forcing you to tediously scroll through all addresses. The "network address book" has a working search feature, and then you scroll through the results. If you really want to scroll through the entire address book, simply search for say "lsu" (as everyone's address book entry will contain that).
  4. I enter my code, and the copier knows my name. Why can't it send the scan e-mail as coming from my own e-mail address? Answer: This is an unfortunate limitation of the device. The address book is separate from the accounting database, and the latter does not contain e-mail addresses. As far as we can determine, the only way to properly set the From address would involve changing the device's log in procedure to require, in addition to the copier code, the user to type in their department username and password, which would be unworkable for users with strong passwords or long passphrases.
  5. Can I change the From address? Answer: To prevent e-mail spoofing, the user can't enter an arbitrary From address.
  6. I don't like sending scans by e-mail with a cryptic From address and non-descriptive Subject. Is there a better way? Answer: We recommend you send the scan to yourself, and then use your own e-mail client to forward that e-mail to your desired recipients. That way the e-mail will come from you, and you can easily set the subject and even include a note.