LSU College of Science

Faxing Instructions

These steps pertain to the fax-capable photocopier in 301G Lockett ("mail room")

Enter fax numbers as follows:

  • On-campus: 8 XXXX
  • Off-Campus: 9 = XXX XXXX
  • Toll-free 8xx Number: 9 = 1 8XX XXX XXXX
  • Long Distance: 9 = 1 XXX XXX XXXX = LLLLLLL
  • International: 9 = 011 country-codearea-codenumber = LLLLLLL

Note: “LLLLLLL” is your long distance code, and “=” tells the machine to wait for another dial tone before proceeding to emit the remaining numbers.

Once you see the desired destination telephone number(s) listed, you can set additional options at the bottom, and then press the green Start button to commence.

The machine will immediately attempt to send the outgoing fax, and will print a page indicating success or failure. After that, please log out as usual.