Course Information

Math 1431 Course Syllabus                          Instructor:  Dr. Dottie Vaughn/ Lockett 250

Recommended Text:  Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences, 14th Edition by Barnett, Ziegler, and Byleen (NOT required)

Required Software:  My Math Lab.  You will self enroll in My Math Lab at the start of the semester for a “free trial” period upon enrolling in the course. 

Required Calculator:  A TI 30XII S or B scientific calculator.  Graphing and multi-view calculators are NOT  ALLOWED.  See course page in Moodle for more information.

Class schedule: This class normally consists of 3 hours of lecture lecture and one hour of lab per week.   Generally, the lecture will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Your lab time is on your LSU Registration schedule. However, due to Covid-19 capacity restrictions now, all of the lectures are posted in Moodle Math 1431.

RADING:  (All of these must be done using My Math Lab except the lab work.)  The following percentages show you the weight towards your final grade in the course of each portion of your assignments for the course

Homework: 30%   There are 24 homework assignments.  (Your highest 20 will count.)

Quizzes: 10%   There are 11 quizzes.  (Your highest 10 will count.)

Lab Participation: 20%  There are 13 - 14 labs.  (Your best 10 will be used.)

Tests 24%  There are 2 tests.  Each is worth 12 % of your grade.  If your final exam grade is higher than your lowest test, I will replace your lowest test grade with your final exam grade.

Final Exam: 16%   Everyone must take the final exam.  It will count for 25^% of your final grade.


98% - 100%     A+            93%-  97.9999      A                 90% - 92.9999    A-

88% - 89.9999%    B+       83%-  87.9999      B                80% - 82.9999    B-

78% - 79.9999%    C+       73%-  77.9999      C                70% - 7129999    C-

68% - 69.9999%    D+       63%-  67.9999      D                60% - 62.9999    B-


Below 60%      F