My Math Lab

My Math Lab

My Math Lab is an online homework service package that administers homework problems, quizzes, and proctored exams. It is accessed from a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla. 


More detailed information about the use of My Math Lab can be found in the textbook.


Some items of interest relative to WebAssign are:

The browsers supported by My Math Lab are explained in the program.

Assignments found in My Math Lab consist of several kinds: homework, quizzes, and tests/exams. On the My Math Lacourse c home page you will see a student menu. Displayed in this menu are all of the assessments. Many assessments will only be seen in the week they are assigned. When you are finished with the assignment, SUBMIT the problems. More instructions on the use of My Math Lab will be provided in your discussion lab section. It is very important that you attend these labs and quickly familiarize yourself with the many useful features of My Math Lab.

Homework problems are accessed in My Math Lab. These homework problems are graded and DO contribute to your overall grade in the course. The homework problems are provided for you to work on in order that you perform well on the quizzes and tests. This is the same as assigned homework in a non-computer graded class. When you finish any particular problem you should SUBMIT that problem to see if you did it correctly. You may have up to 5 attempts for each problem. You can use the "Practice Another Version" button if you want to try a similar problem without using up one of your attempts. Also, if provided, you may click on the "Master It" button to get a step-by-step break down of how to work that type of problem. You can click on "read It', which takes you to the appropriate section of the textbook, where you can read through relevant information on how to solve that type of problem. Also there may be a "View It" button available which will display a short video on how to solve similar problems. You can access the homework problems during the time period which the homework set is open. A home computer or one based in one of the public access computer labs on campus can be used for the homework problems.

Quizzes are graded and these grades DO contribute to your overall course grade. As a general rule the quizzes will be available for a period of several days. After the material is covered in the lecture, the quiz will become available in My Math Lab for your class. There is a limit of 3 to the number of times you can attempt each problem (until the quiz due date). You cannot save a portion of a quiz.  You must finish the entire quiz before you submit it.  Your BEST attempt will be the one counted by Web Assign.   A home computer or one based in one of the public access computer labs on campus can be used for the quizzes.

Proctored exams are usually given in the Himes Hall or OAE testing facility. However, in the present Covid-19 environment, tests must be taken via Proctor U at a charge to the student of $15 per test. There will be a period of several days prior to exam time during which an exam can be scheduled.  You must schedule your exam before the date on which the exam begins in order to guarantee yourself a seat for the exam. If you miss the exam for a valid reason, contact the course lecturer and coordinator, Dr. Vaughn

During the exam you are expected to refrain from talking, looking at your neighbor's computer screen, using a graphing or textbook calculator, and looking at notes or books and your cell phone must be turned off. The room proctor will inform your instructor of any testing violations.