Handbook for LSU Graduate Students in Mathematics


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This Handbook has been prepared to provide you with some general information and guidance which will be useful throughout the course of your graduate study in Mathematics. We have included three types of information: general advice, departmental requirements, and requirements of the Graduate School. Much of this information either has been given to you or will be given to you through informal discussion with your teachers, dissertation director (when appropriate), and the Graduate Director. This leaflet is not intended to be a substitute for the discussions between students and faculty which are an important part of a graduate student's experience. Graduate study in Mathematics is both a challenging and a rewarding experience, with many ups and downs. Talking with faculty and with each other can help you to deal with these experiences.

The Department takes great pleasure in working with its graduate students. We enjoy the opportunity to help you to learn some parts of modern Mathematics, and to make the transition from student to mathematician. In addition to your work with your teachers, you also have an excellent resource among yourselves. It is a great pleasure to see our students working together and also simply relaxing and conversing together. The graduate students of the Department of Mathematics are a very interesting group of people, from all parts of the United States and from many foreign lands. The friendships formed and the insights gained from your association with each other are an enduring part of your graduate education. The photograph shows students at the annual Departmental Awards party.

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