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Visitors and New Students

Mathematics is in Lockett Hall. There are 2 hotels on campus: the Faculty club and the Lod Cook Conference Center. Also, the International Cultural Center (ICC) has a very inexpensive dormitory for new arrivals who need temporary lodging. And the ICC will pick up new arrivals from overseas at Baton Rouge airport or Bus Terminal when you arrive. Just let them know your itinerary using the information at their site. If you are driving to Baton Rouge, the Visitor Information Center right next to Pleasant Hall at the corner of Highland Road has maps and Visitor Hang-tags for cars. International students should check with the International Services Office regarding documentation, visas, etc.

LSU has on-campus Graduate Housing operated by LSU Residential Life. There is also a directory of commercial apartments.

Graduate School Calendars and Schedule Books

Departmental Registration and Comprehensive Qualifying Exam Forms

Each fall and each spring semester it is necessary to register for the coming semesters. To begin this process, download the Departmental Registration instructions and either the Pre General Exam Registration Form, or the Post General Exam Registration Form. For those who have not completed the Comprehensive/PhD Qualifying Exams at the intended level, it will be necessary at about the same time, near mid-semester, to sign up for these tests by downloading and filling out the Comprehensive Exam Sign-Up Form.

Graduate School Forms

In this handbook, you will see many Graduate School forms mentioned which need to be submitted to apply for degrees, for final exams for degrees, and to register a plan of study with the Graduate School. The Department's Graduate Secretary in Room 304 Lockett has many of these forms on hand, and of course the Graduate Records Office in David Boyd Hall has them too. Now you can access many forms directly from the Graduate School's web-site and download and print them, following the Graduate School's instructions. To do this, you may use the cross-link provided below, then select the heading Graduate Records, and then select Forms and Instructions. In addition, we have listed below the forms most often needed by our graduate students. If you open these forms in a Windows operating system, it is possible to fill out the form on screen and print it filled out, so that a typewriter is not needed. It is recommended that you keep a photocopy for your own records of every form that you submit to the Graduate School. You may need to use them years later! Use the link below the list of forms.

  • Application for Master's Degree
  • Request for Master's Exam
  • Request for Change of Department
  • Certificate of Advanced Study (Education Specialist)
  • Doctoral Program of Study
  • Request for change of Program of Study-Doctoral
  • Request for Degree Update
  • Application for Doctoral Degree
  • Request for Dual Degree
  • Request for Doctoral General or Final Exam
  • Thesis/Dissertation Release Form

Look for the Forms menu at the Graduate School site. That site also has the Graduate School Calendars, Bulletin, General LSU Catalog, and Guidelines for Preparation of Theses and Dissertation, as well as information about Graduate Student Travel Awards.

Dissertation Format, Tex Files

If you are writing your dissertation in LaTeX, the Department has available a LaTeX format file for your LSU Doctoral Dissertation.

Even if this format is used, it is vital that each student go through the required approval process through the Graduate School. The Graduate School requires that all dissertations and theses be submitted as pdf files, for editorial checking and approval, and for final submission. LSU is a member of the worldwide Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. You should visit the LSU Thesis and Dissertation page for more information about the processes and procedures required for submission of your dissertation.

Academic Job Search

If you are getting ready to search for an academic job during the coming year, be sure to read the Handbook Section entitled Finding Your First Postdoctoral Employment.