LaTeX document class for LSU theses and dissertations

To produce LaTeX documents that are reasonably conformant to LSU Grad School requirements for theses and dissertations, the following document class “lsuthesis” may be used in place of the standard “book” document class. The separate “lsutitle” package assists in the production of the title page and also has some helper macros. That package is kept separate from the document class so that one can easily switch to other document classes.

Note: This is the 2020/02/01 version. This is a work-in-progress provided in this preliminary form to assist graduate students with an immediate need. Documentation and formatting improvements for unusual situations are still forthcoming. If you are using these files and receive reports from LSU Grad School over conformance issues that are specific to the document class, please contact Alexander Perlis. LaTeX cannot automatically handle all issues.

Document Class


To use the template below, you also need the two files above.