Accessing Box and OneDrive from Linux

Accessing Box using lftp (FTPS protocol)

  1. As a one-time setup, go to, then from your user badge (upper right) choose ”Account Settings”, then scroll down to Authorization and put in a password. This is an “external app password” used to access Box via the FTPS protocol.
  2. Launch lftp from the Linux command-line: lftp -u

To access the manual page for lftp: man lftp. From within lftp itself you can type help for a list of the most common commands, and for example help get for some information on using the ”get” command.

Accessing Box or OneDrive using rclone

rclone provides general-purpose support for many different cloud storage systems including Box and OneDrive.

When configuring rclone on a remote or headless system (such as our chaos systems), some modifications to the instructions above are needed.