Accessing Box and OneDrive from Linux

Unfortunately, Box and Onedrive no longer offer an integrated Linux client. There are no free or open-source clients with a graphical interface that we recommend at this time

Below are some terminal-based tools that can be used to access Box or One drive from linux. Note that, since they are terminal-based, they can also be used to access the cloud storage from an HPC system as well.

Note for Box storage: You will need to enable an application password for your account before using the below methods. To do this, go to in a web browser, log in to Box with your MyLSU username and password, open your account profile at the top-right, select "Account Settings", and then scroll down the main settings page to the "Authentication" setting and set a password.
This is required since LSU uses an 'SSO' service for logging into Box (the username & password comes from LSU rather than from Box), but the the file transfer protocols (including SFTP or FTPS) used to access box via API or command line do not work with this scheme.

Accessing Box using lftp (FTPS protocol)

    Launch lftp from the Linux command-line: lftp -u

To access the manual page for lftp: man lftp. From within lftp itself you can type help for a list of the most common commands, and for example help get for some information on using the ”get” command.

Accessing Box or OneDrive using rclone

rclone provides general-purpose support for many different cloud storage systems including Box and OneDrive.

When configuring rclone on a remote or headless system (such as our chaos systems), some modifications to the instructions above are needed.