LSU Math majors enter top PhD programs

2015 Star Graduating Seniors
From left to right: Bruno Beltran (Stanford), Jason Mueller (Bristol), Rachael Keller (Columbia), Paxton Turner (MIT), and Avery St. Dizier (Cornell).

2015 LSU Math graduating seniors will be entering some of the top PhD and Masters programs:

PhD Programs

Bruno Beltran
Chemical and Systems Biology at Stanford University
Rachael Keller
Applied Mathematics at Columbia University
Bryce Lelbach
Computer Science at UC Berkeley
Jason Mueller
Centre for Quantum Photonics at the University of Bristol (UK)
Ian Runnels
Mathematics at the University of Virginia
Avery St. Dizier
Mathematics at Cornell University
Jeremy Tillay
Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University
Paxton Turner
Mathematics at MIT (starting in 2016)

Masters Programs

Zachary Belou
Masters of Science in Analytics at LSU
Alexandra Boulet
Master of Natural Sciences at LSU
Victoria D'Antonio
Master of Natural Sciences at LSU
Jacqueline Hoeft
College Student Personnel Program at Western Illinois University
Morgan Landry
Master of Natural Sciences at LSU
Rebecca Nguyen
Master of Natural Sciences at LSU
Tyler Wales
Masters in Divinity at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (starting in 2016)