LSU School Mathematics Group

The mission of the LSU School Mathematics Group is to apply the special capabilities of a university mathematics department to enhance mathematics instruction at all levels, from elementary school through college. The group studies the structure of the school mathematics curriculum and the way it is delivered, the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers, and relationship between school mathematics and other parts of mathematics. Members of the group collaborate with the LSU College of Education in the design and delivery of courses and curricula for future mathematics teachers and they collaborate with teachers groups, schools, district administration and the Louisiana Department of Education in projects to improve opportunities for schoolchildren to learn mathematics.



Undergraduate Mathematics Major with Concentration in Education. Supported by grants from NSF, and the Louisiana Board of Regents.
Louisiana MSP
Sustained professional development for 200 middle-school mathematics teachers. Supported by the Louisiana Department fo Education.
Long-term professional development programs for 30 middle and high-school teachers. Supported by the Louisiana Board of Regents.
Graduate and undergraduate students assist schools in upgrading mathematics programs. Supported by NSF.
AP Programs
Helps high-schools implement advanced-placement courses. Louisiana Board of Regents and U.S. Department of Education.
Glen Oaks Middle School/LSU/Southern Univ. Partnership
Assist in reconstitution and school improvement. Supported by Louisiana Board of Regents.
MathVision Lab
Research and development of models, strategies and materials to support mathematics education. Supported by Louisiana Board of Regents and NSF.
Improves access of underrepresented groups to mathematics, science and engineering. Supported by NSF.
Assist in formulating curriculum standards at request Louisiana Governor's Office.


  • LSU Gordon A. Cain Center for STEM Literacy
  • LaSIP
  • East Baton Rouge Parish School System
  • Baker Public Schools
  • St. James Parish School System
  • West Baton Rouge Parish School System
  • Iberville Parish School System
  • East Feliciana Parish School System
  • Ascension Parish School System
  • Pointe Coupee Parish School System


  • Foundations. Boyd Professor Richard A. Anderson.
  • NSF-funded Projects with College of Education (Miller, Anderson, Perlis)
  • NSF-funded Middle-school projects at LSU (Anderson, Retherford)
  • Systemic Initiative Project (LaSIP). NSF/LA-funded; administered by Board of Regents. Involves universities state-wide in in-service teacher professional development
  • Collaborative for Excellence in Preparing Teachers (LaCEPT). Similar to LaSIP. Focus on improving college programs for K-8 teachers. (Retherford, Madden)
  • LSU Center for Science and Math Literacy (CSML) (College of Ed.) (Madden)
  • Math 1201/1202. Courses for teachers. (Tullos, McAnelly and other instructors).
  • Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITAL). LA-funded special project. Math and College of Education collaborate. (Madden)
  • M1100 (statistics) NSF CCLI Projects started in 2000. (Madden)
  • Math for Secondary teachers NSF CCLI project started in 2001. (Madden-Kirshner (CoE)).
  • (CSML becomes Gordon A. Cain Center.)
  • (. LaSIP becomes state agency.)
  • New Concentration in Secondary Education. Secondary teacher education "revolution." (Neubrander, Madden)
  • MathVision Lab created. Research, development and special projects involving K-12. (Madden, Neubrander)
  • In-School Math project. (Madden, Neubrander)
  • LaSIP professional development project for K-5. (Madden, Neubrander, McAnelly, Plaisance)
  • Math Saturday (Madden)
  • High School Math Contest (Cygan)
  • NSF STEMTP obtained to support new secondary ed. concentrations.
  • Noyce, CSEMS fellowships funded.
  • New LaSIP project in secondary math. (Madden, Neubrander)
  • GAAN Fellows (Richardson, Cygan)
  • LaSIP secondary math continues (Madden, Neubrander)
  • Cain Center/MathVision has 15 offices in P, Co-Director Nel McAnelly. Assistant Director Brenda Nixon. STEMTP Peter Sheppard. LaSIP Site Coordinator Belinda Brand. 5 graduate students.
  • Active MathVision/Cain Center Grants total over $4.7 million.
  • MathVision Lab Leads Glen Oaks Partnership