LSU Precalculus Program (Math 1020/1021/1022)

The Precalculus Program comprises LSU activities related to College Algebra and Trigonometry; specifically, the courses Math 1020/1021/1022 and the LSU Math Lab.

Course Characteristics

Some characteristics of Math 1020, 1021, and 1022
Course Credit Hours Section Numbers Prerequisite
(at least one of these)
Math 1020 2 101–150 Math ACT: at least 17 but less than 21
ALEKS: at least 30 but less than 41
Math SAT: at least 470 but less than 530
Math 1021 Coreq 3
Math 1021 Regular 3 1–50 Math ACT: at least 21 but less than 25
ALEKS: at least 41 but less than 61
Math SAT: at least 530 but less than 590
Math 1021 Regular Online 3 51–100
Math 1021 LSU Online 3 601–700
Math 1021 Dual Enrollment 3 201–600 See DE Course Catalog
Math 1022 3 1–50 Credit in Math 1021
Math ACT: at least 25
ALEKS: at least 61
Math SAT: at least 590
Math 1022 Online 3 51–100
Math 1022 LSU Online 3 601–700
Math 1022 Dual Enrollment 3 201–600 See DE Course Catalog
Registration in Math 1020 is linked with registration in Math 1021 Coreq using the same section number.
At least 75% of the instruction in an online section is delivered via the web. Tests and the Final Exam are taken in person on campus.

All assessments take place using specialized software called MyLab Math. Homework, quizzes, and tests are taken using exercises algorithmically generated by the software. Help Me Solve This and View an Example buttons are available to help guide students through the homework, and the e-text and streaming videos can be accessed through the software as well. Individual videos for each section, recorded at LSU using experienced instructors and professors, are available on the math website for those students who want additional classroom instruction. Before the due date, most homework exercises can be attempted an unlimited number of times, and quizzes can be attempted up to ten times. Tests are taken in a proctored environment, and most have a multi-day, student-friendly schedule.

Administrative Team

Photo of Phoebe B. Rouse

Phoebe B. Rouse
Director, Precalculus Program
Office: 270 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 2659

Photo of Stephanie H. Kurtz

Stephanie H. Kurtz
Math 1020/1021 Coordinator
Office: 274 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1653

Photo of Selena Oswalt

Selena Oswalt
Math 1022 Coordinator
Office: 206 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1563

Photo of Sheri Goings

Sheri Goings
Math Lab Manager
Office: 272 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1583

Photo of Lindsay Waddell

Lindsay Waddell
Math Lab Tutor Supervisor
Office: 266 Lockett Hall
Telephone: +1 225 578 1584