LSU Math Lab

In the fall and spring semesters, students enrolled in Math 1020, 1021, and 1022 spend part of their course contact time in a lecture classroom with their teacher and then spend the remainder of their course contact time in the LSU Math Lab working independently with help from teachers and student tutors in the lab. The class meets at a scheduled time but the exact times in the lab each week are determined by the individual student. The required number of hours each week in the classroom and the minimum number of hours required each week in the lab depend on the specific course model – regular or coreq. See your course Syllabus for the exact number of class and lab hours required for your particular course and section.

Summer requirements vary. Students in the online sections do not have lecture classes and do not use the LSU Math Lab.

The LSU Math Lab is located in Library 300X. See your Daily Schedule for specific hours of operation.

LSU Math Lab
LSU Math Lab

Student Employment Opportunity

Occasionally we hire students as lab tutors and to operate the check-in station. You must have successfully taken and passed calculus to be eligible for this position. When there is an opening, we will have a Tutor Application link at the bottom of this page. Contact the Math Lab Tutor Supervisor, Ms. Waddell, for more information,

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