Math 1020/1021/1022 Tests & Makeups

Testing Information

The proctored, access-restricted tests and Final Exam using MyMathLab must be scheduled online and taken on campus. See your Syllabus for complete details including

  • general testing information and policies
  • ODS accommodation letters
  • scheduling tests and the Final Exam
  • required materials for tests and the Final Exam
  • Makeup Test Policy

Makeup Tests

Before requesting a makeup test, read the Makeup Policy on your Syllabus carefully to be sure you are eligible for consideration for a makeup test and understand the expectations. To fill out the makeup request form below, you will need the following

  • your course #, section # (found on your course schedule at myLSU), and teacher's name
  • an electronic copy of any documentation (Word, pdf, or jpg only)
  • the dates of the specific testing window for your section of the course (found on your Daily Schedule)
  • the case described in the Makeup Test Policy on the Syllabus that fits your situation

Math 1021 College Algebra Makeup Test Request Form

Math 1022 Trigonometry Makeup Test Request Form