VIGRE@LSU: Undergraduate Research

Note: This is an archival page. Webpages on the VIGRE@LSU grant are no longer maintained.

Vertical Integration of Research and Education
Louisiana State University

VIGRE@LSU offers a stipend of $1,500 per semester for undergraduate students to work with an LSU faculty member on research. The student will have to contact a faculty mentor and then submit a proposal to the VIGRE committee.

Fall 2010

  • Rebekah Wascom worked with Dr. Charles Egedy. The research includes finding generators for the second homotopy groups of hyperplane arrangement complements in complex space where the arrangements are far from general position.
  • Rebecca Hill worked with Dr. Peter Wolenski.

Fall 2009 & Spring 2010

  • Philip Benge worked with Hongyu He. Philip Benge's project was identifying the equilibrium submanifold and its stability in a two-compartment model of a vesicle trafficking system. A lot of the intracellular activities, in particular the moving around of nutrients, are carried out by vesicle trafficking. Benge's project involved exploring the dissociation rates involved in the fusion and budding process and identifying the four possible branches.
  • Tristan Arbour worked with Stephen Shipman on statistical properties of scattering data and nonlinear layers.
  • Jonathan W. Gardener worked with F. Neubrander on an article Distance According to Elvis. It is planned to submit the article to College Mathematics Journal.
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