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Vertical Integration of Research and Education
Louisiana State University

2012 SMILE Program

2012 Course Descriptions

2012 SMILE Schedule

2012 SMILE Program Project Presentations

  • "Finding Patterns in the Power of a Change of Basis Matrix"
    • Professor Valerio DeAngelis
  • "The Complementary Bell Numbers - Explored via a Matrix Constructed with Rising Factorials"
    • Professor Valerio DeAngelis
  • "Sampling Theory"
    • Professor Mark Davidson
  • "Parseval Frame Construction"
    • Professor Mark Davidson
  • "Nonlinear Least-Squares Problems with the Gauss-Newton and Levenberg-Marquardt Methods"
    • Professor Humberto Munoz
  • "Multiobjective Optimization: Portfolio Optimization based on Goal Programming"
  • "Sunrise on Mercury"
  • "Curves and Sectional Angles"
    • Professor Larry Smolinsky