Your new math account

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at LSU! You have perhaps been directed to this page as part of an e-mail informing you of your new account. That e-mail contained a randomly-generated initial password. Here are perhaps your next questions:

What access does this account give me?
This account is used to log in to Linux Office desktop computers within the Math department as well as the Linux and Mac computers in the graduate computer lab. The account is used to connect to remote-access systems like SSH and SFTP (files transfer) hosted specifically by the Math department (LSU-wide services like the LSU VPN use the MyLSU account). This account is used to log into the Math website, which gives access to various services like editing the calendar, the "My Info" page, voting, and other internal-only online services.

How do I change my Math password?
Passwords are changed through this website. Log in to this website, then click "Account Info" at the top or in the account-content-block on the left.

How do I access my files remotely?
See the other Computing help page at the following link for information (this link requires Math ID website login): Remote File Access

Is there a limit to the amount of data I can store on the Math servers?
Yes, there are practical limits on the amount of data that can be stored on the Math servers. Information regarding data quotas is at the following link (this link requires Math ID website login): Math Data Quotas

What happens to my data and computing access when I leave the department?
Details are laid out here: Math Account Closure