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Winnie Sloan (Math Senior) receives Actuarial Foundation scholarship

Winnie Sloan received a 2014 Curtis E. Huntington Memorial Scholarship from the Actuarial Foundation.  Winnie is a senior mathematics and music major in the Mathematics Actuarial Science concentration.  The scholarship recipients are determined by national competition among full-time college seniors interested in pursuing a career as an actuary.

Matthew Dawson appointed Post-Doctoral Fellow at Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas

Congratulations to Matthew Dawson (soon-to-be LSU PhD, advisor Prof. Olafsson), who has been appointed as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT) at Guanajuanto, Mexico.

Math Faculty honored at College of Science Convocation

At the 2014 Choppin Honors Convocation the LSU College of Science awarded TAF Undergraduate Teaching Awards to Stephanie Kurtz and Dottie Vaughn

Gestur Olafsson was awarded the Graduate Teaching Award, and Hongchao Zhang received the College of Science Research Award.

Math Major among Tiger Twelve

LSU math major and honors student Morgan Matchett has been selected by LSU as one of the 2014 "Tiger Twelve".  This award is given every year by the Dean of Students Office to twelve LSU undergraduate students who "have exemplified the seven basic principles outlined in the LSU Commitment to Community".  300 students were nominated, and the application process includes both a written packet as well as interviews with a panel.

Conference on Ordered Algebraic Structures at LSU, May 1-3, 2014

LSU will host a conference on ordered algebraic structures, May 1-3, 2014. Cick here.

2013 Putnam competition results

LSU students fared well on the 2013 Putnam exam that took place on . 4113 students participated. Two students reached the prestigeous top 500 list: Paxton Turner reached 30 points and was ranked 266th, Avery St. Dizier reached 22 points and was ranked 408th. 

The LSU students were coached by Professor Karl Mahlburg. Out of the 11 LSU students who took the exam, 6 scored 9 points or higher. As usual, the overall median this year was 1 point.