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Susanne C. Brenner appointed to NSF Advisory Committee

Susanne C. Brenner

Professor Susanne C. Brenner was appointed to the National Science Foundation’s Advisory Committee for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPSAC). The committee currently consists of twelve members, and its task is to "provide advice and recommendations to the National Science Foundation’s programs within the Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS).

LSU Math Lab Featured in the News

Middleton Math Lab 3
(Photo: Bogdan Oporowski)

The Daily Reveille as well as the College of Science Newsletter covered the move of the LSU Math Lab from Pleasant Hall to an 8,000 square foot space on the third floor of Middleton Library. The new Math Lab allows approximately 4,000 students a week access to one of the 254 computers.  

Blaise Bourdin to Deliver Plenary Lecture at CFRAC 2017

Professor Blaise Bourdin will be one of the plenary speakers at the fifth international Conference on Computational Modeling of Fractures and Failures of Materials and Structures (CFRAC 2017), June 14-16, 2017.

2016 Simons Foundation Collaboration Grants for Pallavi Dani and Phuc Nguyen

Professors Pallavi Dani and Phuc Nguyen are among the recipients of the 2016 Simons Foundation Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians.
Each collaboration grant provides $7,000 per year for five years. The grants will commence September 1, 2016, and end August 31, 2021.

Mhel Lazo, B.S. Math 2012, featured in LSU’s social media campaign

Mhel Lazo, who received his B.S. in Math in 2012 with a concentration in Actuarial Science, is featured in LSU’s social media campaign highlighting alums under 30 years old. In 2010 he participated in the LSU Math SMILE program. Currently, he works for The Walt Disney Company.

Army grant for Robert Lipton

Professor Robert Lipton was awarded a grant by the Army Research Office (ARO) for work on Mathematical and Multi-Scale Foundations of Nonlocal Modeling. 

Porcelli Lectures by Maria Chudnovsky Online

The Porcelli lectures by Maria Chudnovsky, Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University, are available online on the YouTube channel of the LSU math department. The videos were prepared by Bogdan Oporowski, with the assistance of Joshua Fallon.

Maria Chudnovsky
(Photo: Bogdan Oporowski)

MATRIX workshop at the University of Melbourne

The MATRIX workshop on Hypergeometric Motives and Calabi Yau Differential Equations will take place January 8-28, 2017 at the University of Melbourne. The workshop is organized by Professors Ling Long (LSU), Masha Vlasenko (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Wadim Zudilin (University of Newcastle). 

Postdoctoral positions for new LSU PhD's

A number of 2016 LSU math PhD's have accepted postdoctoral positions: