Front Page News

Lipton on Capitol Hill

Professor Robert Lipton represented the American Mathematical Society at the 11th annual exhibition of the Coalition for National Science Funding held June 21, 2005 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Lipton presented an exhibit on Mathematics for Advanced Composites Technology highlighting recent work on multi-scale stress assessment inside random heterogeneous media.

Neubrander and Wolenski receive awards

Congratulations to Professor Frank Neubrander who was named an LSU Alumni Professor and to Professor Peter Wolenski who received an LSU Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award.

Sengupta’s book released

Professor Ambar Sengupta latest book "Pricing Derivatives" was just released by McGraw-Hill.

Osburn appointed Permanent Lecturer in Dublin

Congratulations to Robert Osburn (LSU Ph.D. 2001) who has been appointed Permanent Lecturer at University College Dublin.

Lim wins Korean Mathematics Society award

Congratulations to 1996 LSU alumnus, Yongdo Lim, who won a prize from the Korean Mathematics Society for the best paper of the year by a Korean mathematician.

Roadmap to Redesign at LSU

LSU Math Department has been selected to participate in the Roadmap to Redesign (R2R) Program.