Front Page News

Quantum Connections at the Shaw Center

An art exhibit “Quantum Connections” of a local artist Marion Drenner is on display at the Shaw Center for the Arts in downtown Baton Rouge until January 27, 2007. On January 5, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, the gallery will host a Questions and Answers session with LSU Mathematics Professor James Madden.

Postdoctoral Associate, Horst Beyer's New Book

"Beyond partial differential equations: A course on linear and quasi-linear abstract hyperbolic evolution equations" by Horst Beyer will be published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Mathematics series.

MAA "Mathematics Magazine" Louisiana origins given on JSTOR

"Mathematics Magazine" is one of the journals of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Its predecessor "National Mathematics Magazine" was published at LSU in Baton Rouge. JSTOR incorrectly gives the publisher of "National Mathematics Magazine" as the MAA but now gives an explanatory note.

LSU's Precalculus Redesign Featured in the MAA Magazine Focus

College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Precalculus are changing at LSU. The redesign has been under development since Fall 2003. One aspect of the change was an experiment comparing the new Roadmap to Redesign method, the traditional classes, and large lectures classes. A report appears in the August/September issue of the Mathematical Association of America magazine FOCUS: “College Algebra Redesign at Louisiana State University” on pages 34–35.

Lipton's Capitol Hill Trip Reported in Notices

Robert Lipton represented the AMS at the Coalition for National Science Funding exhibition, highlighting his recent work on "Mathematics for Advanced
Composites Technology." The AMS report (PDF) is in the August Notices of the American Mathematical Society page 809.

Graduate Student Picnic and Orientation Conference: September 16

The annual Graduate Student Day will take place September 16, 9:30 – 4:00, at Hilltop Arboretum.

Gilmer, Olafsson, Richardson, and Wolenski Appointed Named Professors

Dean Ferreyra appointed four new named professors:

Congratulations to Pat, Gestur, Len, and Peter on their richly deserved recognition.

Perlis Appointed Alumni Professor

Robert Perlis has been appointed the Cecil "Pete" Taylor Alumni Professor.

Kopcso Received Distinguished Teacher Award

Debra Kopcso received the George H. Deer Distinguished Teacher Award.

Spring 2006 Undergraduate Awards

The 2006 Betti and Robert Giles Senior Math Award goes to Edgar A. Mollere.