Federal Grant Support LSU Math Department: NSF, NSA, Air Force, Army

(last updated: August 2022)
NSF DMS2022 Rui HanCAREER: Schrödinger Operators on Lattices$464,836
Pramod AcharSheaf-Theoretic Methods in Modular Representation Theory$240,000
Christin BibbyTopology and combinatorics of arrangements$186,130
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Least-Squares Problems with Inequality Constraints $361,251
Kevin SchreveHomological Growth of Groups and Aspherical Manifolds$178,599
Stephen ShipmanPhenomena of Periodic Layered Media$264,000
Anton ZeitlinQuantum Integrable Systems and Geometry$257,168
Jiuyi ZhuQuantitative Studies of Solutions of Partial Differential Equations$207,931
Naval Research Michael MalisoffInterval Observers for Enhanced Shipboard Landing and Formation Control for Naval Aircraft
NSF DMS2021 Andrei Tarfulea Diffusive Regularization in Kinetic and Fluid Equations $198,664
Hongchao Zhang Optimization Methods for Nonconvex Structured Optimization $150,000
Shawn Walker Controlling Geometry: Applications in Physics, Biology, and Manifold Learning $330,002
NSF DMS2020 Michael MalisoffCollaborative Research: Designs and Theory for Event-Triggered Control with Marine Robotic Applications$278,032
Andrew Zimmer CAREER: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Conditions in Several Complex Variables $400,000
Rui Han Discrete Schrodinger Operators and Related Models $51,713
NSF DMS2019 Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Novel Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Distributed Optimal Control Problems $262,254
Arnab Ganguly Complex Stochastic Systems and the Effect of Discretization $206,822
Shea Vela-Vick Interactions Between Contact Geometry, Floer Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology $295,645
Xiaoliang Wan Efficient Algorithms Related to and Beyond the Large Deviation Technique $195,768
Andrei Tarfulea Bounds and Asymptotic Dynamics for Nonlinear Evolution Equations $73,026
NSF CMMI Robert Lipton DMREF/Collaborative Research: Designing Mutable Metamaterials with Photo-Adaptive Meta-Atoms $399,761
Army Research Robert Lipton MURI: Predicting and Controlling the response of Particulate Systems through Grain Scale Engineering $983,125
NSF DMS2018 Stephen ShipmanAsymmetry, Embedded Eigenvalues, and
Resonance for Differential Operators
Hongchao ZhangInexact Optimization Methods
for Structured Nonlinear Optimization
Robert LiptonStructural Spectra and Applications to Heterogeneous Media$305,531
Pallavi DaniThe geometry of non-positively curved groups$215,153
Pramod AcharGeometric Methods in Modular Representation Theory$254,341
Andrew ZimmerApplications of Nonpositive Curvature in Several Complex Variables$91,073
NSF OIA Jiuyi ZhuRII Track-4: Uniqueness and Quantitative Uniqueness of Solutions to Partial Differential Equations$166,612
Richard Ng
FRG: cQIS: Mathematical Foundations of Topological Quantum Computation and its Applications$318,292
Blaise Bourdin
Diffusion-Driven Fracture$311,974
Aynur Bulut
Deterministic and probabilistic well-posedness
results for nonlinear dispersive and wave equations
Michael Malisoff
Collaborative Research: Sequential Predictors for
Partial Differential Equation and Delay Systems:
Designs, Theory, and Applications
Yuri AntipovRapid penetration of rigid bodies into elastic media:
the temperature, boundary and
nonuniform speed effects
NSF DMS2016 Jiuyi ZhuQuantitative and Qualitative properties
of solutions of partial differential equations
Yaniv AlmogThe effect of electric currents on
Ling Long
The arithmetic of hypergeometric varieties
and noncongruence modular forms
Xiaoliang WanNonlinear Instability of Navier-Stokes equations
from a probabilistic point of view:
Numerics and Simulations
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Higher Order Variational Inequalities: Novel
Finite Element Methods and Fast Solvers
Milen Yakimov Research in Noncommutative Algebra$258,260
Shawn Walker CAREER: Numerical Methods For Liquid Crystals
And Their Optimal Design
Robert LiptonMathematical and Multi-Scale Foundation
of Nonlocal Modeling
NSF DMS2015Stefan van ZwamConnectivity and Structure in Representable Matroids$184,686
Stefan van ZwamCan we compare sets of points efficiently?$29,505
Pramod Achar Modular Representation Theory
and Geometric Langlands Duality
Hongchao Zhang
Acceleration Techniques for Lower-Order Algorithms
in Nonlinear Optimization
Blaise Bourdin
DMREF: Designing Microstructure for
Engineering Toughness
Dan Sage
Flat G-Bundles, Isomonodromy, and
the Geometric Langlands Program
Guoli DingOn structures of large graphs$199,999
Ambar Sengupta
Geometric and Probabilistic Problems$79,994
Pramod Achar
Modular Derived Equivalences
in Representation Theory
NSF CMMI2014Michael MalisoffCollaborative Research: Robustness of Networked Model
Predictive Control Satisfying Critical Timing Constraints
NSF ECCSMichael MalisoffCollaborative Research: Designs and Theory of
State-Constrained Nonlinear Feedback Controls
for Delay and Partial Differential Equation Systems
Richard Ng
Hopf algebras, modular categories and their invariants$115,695
Stephen Shipman
Resonance Phenomena in Wave Scattering$270,000
Shawn Walker Numerical Analysis and Methods for Simulating
Moving Interfaces and Controlling Shape
Air Force
Office of Scient. Res.
Xiaoliang WanEffects of Small Noise on Conservation Laws:
Algorithms and Applications.
Pramod Achar
Modular Derived Categories
in Representation Theory
Ling Long
Noncongruence Modular Farms
and Supercongruences
Oliver Dasbach
Invariants for knots, and graphs on surfaces$142,234
Blaise Bourdin
Variational approaches to defect mechanics $163,886
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Finite Element Methods for Higher Order
Variational Inequalities
Pat Gilmer TQFT and Low Dimensional Topology$188,871
Milen YakimovQuantum Groups and Quantum Cluster Algebras$164,000
NSF OISEJerome William HoffmanUS-China Collaboration: Problems in Computational
Algebraic Geometry
$ 29,610
Ambar Sengupta
Probability and Analysis in Geometric Problems$67,345
Guoli Ding
A study of Petersen-free graphs$73,639
NSF DMS2012Karl MahlburgApplications of automorphic forms
and hypergeometric q-series
Pallavi DaniFilling invariants for groups$118,700
Shea Vela-Vick Contact geometry, Heegaard Floer homology and
open book decompositions
Robert Lipton
Collaborative Research: Extraction of local strain and stress$228,000
Neal Stoltzfus (PI)
REU Site in Mathematics at Louisiana State University$373,206
Air Force
Office of Scient. Res.
Robert Lipton
Innovative use of Metamaterials in Confining,
Controlling, and Radiating Intense Microwave Pulses
NSF ECCS2011Michael MalisoffTheory, Methods, and Applications of Nonlinear
Control Systems with Time Delays
NSF DMSGestur OlafssonRepresentation Theory and Harmonic Analysis
on Homogeneous Spaces
Yaniv AlmogCritical currents in superconductors$160,822
Dan CohenRandom Simplicial Complexes and Associated Spaces$149,259
Shawn WalkerNumerical Methods for Free Boundary Problems:
Two-Phase Flows and Contact Line Dynamics
$ 90,657
Xiaoliang WanWick-type Stochastic Modeling: Algorithms and Applications$100,211
Dan Cohen
Random Simplicial Complexes$70,372
James Oxley
Matroid Connectivity and Structure$101,648
Bill Hoffman
Computational Aspects of Certain Shimura Varieties$91,335
NSF PHY2010Ricardo EstradaCollaborative Research: Quantum Vacuum Energy $216,847
NSF DMSPramod Achar Derived Equivalences and Mixed Categories in
Representation Theory
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Fast Interior Penalty Methods $300,951
Guoli DingSome problems in topological graph theory$191,745
Milen YakimovQuantum Groups, Poisson Lie Groups, and Combinatorics$156,000
2008Scott Baldridge CAREER: The topology of smooth and
symplectic 4-manifolds
Gestur Olafsson (PI)
Mark Davidson,
Lawrence Smolinsky,
Tara Brendle
Louisiana State University VIGRE Proposal$3,745,347