Federal Grant Support LSU Math Department: NSF, NSA, Air Force, Army

Federal Grant Support (last updated: February 2024)
NSF DMS2023 Pramod Achar (PI),
Pallavi Dani,
Gestur Olafsson,
Shea Vela Vick,
Anton Zeitlin
RTG: Topology, Representation Theory, and Mathematical Physics at Louisiana State University $2,496,082
Gene Kopp Modular Cocycles, Explicit Class Field Theory, and Quantum Designs $219,228
Fang-Ting Tu The Arithmetic Properties of Modular Forms and Hypergeometric Systems $164,633
Hongchao Zhang Acceleration, Complexity and Implementation of Active Set Methods for Large-scale Sparse Nonlinear Optimization $236,770
Arnab Ganguly Learning Complex Stochastic Systems $200,000
Michael Malisoff Collaborative Research: Designs and Theory for Interval Contractors and Reference Governors with Aerospace Applications $210,000
NSF DMS2022 Rui Han CAREER: Schrödinger Operators on Lattices $464,836
Pramod Achar Sheaf-Theoretic Methods in Modular Representation Theory $240,000
Christin Bibby Topology and combinatorics of arrangements $186,130
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Least-Squares Problems with Inequality Constraints $361,251
Kevin Schreve Homological Growth of Groups and Aspherical Manifolds $178,599
Stephen Shipman Phenomena of Periodic Layered Media $264,000
Anton Zeitlin Quantum Integrable Systems and Geometry $257,168
Jiuyi ZhuQuantitative Studies of Solutions of Partial Differential Equations$207,931
Naval Research Michael Malisoff Interval Observers for Enhanced Shipboard Landing and Formation Control for Naval Aircraft
NSF DMS2021 Andrei Tarfulea Diffusive Regularization in Kinetic and Fluid Equations $198,664
Hongchao Zhang Optimization Methods for Nonconvex Structured Optimization $150,000
Shawn Walker Controlling Geometry: Applications in Physics, Biology, and Manifold Learning $330,002
NSF DMS2020 Michael Malisoff Collaborative Research: Designs and Theory for Event-Triggered Control with Marine Robotic Applications $278,032
Andrew Zimmer CAREER: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Conditions in Several Complex Variables $400,000
Rui Han Discrete Schrodinger Operators and Related Models $51,713
NSF DMS2019 Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Novel Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Distributed Optimal Control Problems $262,254
Arnab Ganguly Complex Stochastic Systems and the Effect of Discretization $206,822
Shea Vela-Vick Interactions Between Contact Geometry, Floer Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology $295,645
Xiaoliang Wan Efficient Algorithms Related to and Beyond the Large Deviation Technique $195,768
Andrei Tarfulea Bounds and Asymptotic Dynamics for Nonlinear Evolution Equations $73,026
NSF CMMI Robert Lipton DMREF/Collaborative Research: Designing Mutable Metamaterials with Photo-Adaptive Meta-Atoms $399,761
Army Research Robert Lipton MURI: Predicting and Controlling the response of Particulate Systems through Grain Scale Engineering $983,125
NSF DMS2018 Stephen Shipman Asymmetry, Embedded Eigenvalues, and Resonance for Differential Operators $245,000
Hongchao Zhang Inexact Optimization Methods for Structured Nonlinear Optimization $200,000
Robert Lipton Structural Spectra and Applications to Heterogeneous Media $305,531
Pallavi Dani The geometry of non-positively curved groups $215,153
Pramod Achar Geometric Methods in Modular Representation Theory $254,341
Andrew Zimmer Applications of Nonpositive Curvature in Several Complex Variables $91,073
NSF OIA Jiuyi Zhu RII Track-4: Uniqueness and Quantitative Uniqueness of Solutions to Partial Differential Equations $166,612
NSF-DMS2017 Richard Ng FRG: cQIS: Mathematical Foundations of Topological Quantum Computation and its Applications $318,292
Blaise Bourdin Diffusion-Driven Fracture $311,974
Aynur Bulut Deterministic and probabilistic well-posedness results for nonlinear dispersive and wave equations $44,582
NSF-ECCS Michael Malisoff Collaborative Research: Sequential Predictors for Partial Differential Equation and Delay Systems: Designs, Theory, and Applications $250,000
Army Research Yuri Antipov Rapid penetration of rigid bodies into elastic media: the temperature, boundary and nonuniform speed effects $92,332
NSF DMS2016 Jiuyi Zhu Quantitative and Qualitative properties of solutions of partial differential equations $92,859
Yaniv Almog The effect of electric currents on superconductivity $191,109
Ling Long The arithmetic of hypergeometric varieties and noncongruence modular forms $152,093
Xiaoliang Wan Nonlinear Instability of Navier-Stokes equations from a probabilistic point of view: Numerics and Simulations $183,001
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Higher Order Variational Inequalities: Novel Finite Element Methods and Fast Solvers $356,807
Milen Yakimov Research in Noncommutative Algebra $258,260
Shawn Walker CAREER: Numerical Methods For Liquid Crystals And Their Optimal Design $400,000
Army Research Robert Lipton Mathematical and Multi-Scale Foundation of Nonlocal Modeling$555,543
NSF DMS2015 Stefan van Zwam Connectivity and Structure in Representable Matroids $184,686
Stefan van Zwam Can we compare sets of points efficiently? $29,505
Pramod Achar Modular Representation Theory and Geometric Langlands Duality $191,790
Hongchao Zhang Acceleration Techniques for Lower-Order Algorithms in Nonlinear Optimization $177,771
Blaise Bourdin DMREF: Designing Microstructure for Engineering Toughness $240,000
Dan Sage Flat G-Bundles, Isomonodromy, and the Geometric Langlands Program $172,000
Guoli Ding On structures of large graphs $199,999
NSA Ambar Sengupta Geometric and Probabilistic Problems $79,994
Pramod Achar Modular Derived Equivalences in Representation Theory $33,987
NSF CMMI2014 Michael Malisoff Collaborative Research: Robustness of Networked Model Predictive Control Satisfying Critical Timing Constraints $160,928
NSF ECCS Michael Malisoff Collaborative Research: Designs and Theory of State-Constrained Nonlinear Feedback Controls for Delay and Partial Differential Equation Systems $220,000
NSF DMS Richard Ng Hopf algebras, modular categories and their invariants $115,695
Stephen Shipman Resonance Phenomena in Wave Scattering $270,000
Shawn Walker Numerical Analysis and Methods for Simulating Moving Interfaces and Controlling Shape $153,520
Air Force
Office of Scient. Res.
Xiaoliang Wan Effects of Small Noise on Conservation Laws: Algorithms and Applications $177,479
NSA Pramod Achar Modular Derived Categories in Representation Theory $63,624
NSF DMS2013 Ling Long Noncongruence Modular Farms and Supercongruences $133,787
Oliver Dasbach Invariants for knots, and graphs on surfaces $142,234
Blaise Bourdin Variational approaches to defect mechanics $163,886
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Finite Element Methods for Higher Order Variational Inequalities $244,770
Pat Gilmer TQFT and Low Dimensional Topology $188,871
Milen Yakimov Quantum Groups and Quantum Cluster Algebras $164,000
NSF OISE Bill Hoffman US-China Collaboration: Problems in Computational Algebraic Geometry $29,610
NSA Ambar Sengupta Probability and Analysis in Geometric Problems $67,345
Guoli Ding A study of Petersen-free graphs $73,639
NSF DMS2012 Karl Mahlburg Applications of automorphic forms and hypergeometric q-series $134,006
Pallavi Dani Filling invariants for groups $118,700
Shea Vela-Vick Contact geometry, Heegaard Floer homology and open book decompositions $131,615
Robert Lipton Collaborative Research: Extraction of local strain and stress $228,000
Neal Stoltzfus (PI) REU Site in Mathematics at Louisiana State University $373,206
Air Force
Office of Scient. Res.
Robert Lipton Innovative use of Metamaterials in Confining, Controlling, and Radiating Intense Microwave Pulses $1,025,000
NSF ECCS2011 Michael Malisoff Theory, Methods, and Applications of Nonlinear Control Systems with Time Delays $340,439
NSF DMS Gestur Olafsson Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces $210,000
Yaniv Almog Critical currents in superconductors $160,822
Dan Cohen Random Simplicial Complexes and Associated Spaces $149,259
Shawn Walker Numerical Methods for Free Boundary Problems: Two-Phase Flows and Contact Line Dynamics $90,657
Xiaoliang Wan Wick-type Stochastic Modeling: Algorithms and Applications $100,211
NSA Dan Cohen Random Simplicial Complexes $70,372
James Oxley Matroid Connectivity and Structure $101,648
Bill Hoffman Computational Aspects of Certain Shimura Varieties $91,335
NSF PHY2010 Ricardo Estrada Collaborative Research: Quantum Vacuum Energy $216,847
NSF DMS Pramod Achar Derived Equivalences and Mixed Categories in Representation Theory $129,000
Susanne Brenner (PI)
Li-yeng Sung (Co-PI)
Fast Interior Penalty Methods $300,951
Guoli Ding Some problems in topological graph theory $191,745
Milen Yakimov Quantum Groups, Poisson Lie Groups, and Combinatorics $156,000
2008 Scott Baldridge CAREER: The topology of smooth and symplectic 4-manifolds $452,869
Gestur Olafsson (PI),
Mark Davidson,
Lawrence Smolinsky,
Tara Brendle
Louisiana State University VIGRE Proposal $3,745,347