Front Page News

Book by Boris Rubin on Radon Transforms

The book Introduction to Radon Transforms: With Elements of Fractional Calculus and Harmonic Analysis by Professor Boris Rubin has been published by Cambridge University Press in the series Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications.

Workshop on Lie Theory hosted by LSU

The workshop Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and their Representations will take place November 7-8, 2015 at LSU. Local organizers are Profs. Pramod Achar, Gestur Olafsson, Dan Sage and Milen Yakimov.

New GAANN Grant for Doctoral Fellowships

The Department of Mathematics has been awarded a new three year GAANN (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need) from the US Department of Education commencing Fall 2015. Mathematics has been designated by congress as an area of national need. This grant tries to address this area of national need by providing for doctoral fellowships to support excellent US citizen and Permanent Resident graduate students in mathematics at LSU.

AMS MRC conference at Snowbird on Lie Group Representations

Bradley Currey (Saint Louis University), Gestur Olafsson (LSU) and Gail Ratcliff (East Carolina University) are organizing an AMS Mathematics Research Communities Summer Conference on Lie group representations, discretization, and Gelfand pairs. The conference will take place June 5-11, 2016 at Snowbird Resort, Utah.

LSU Honors College News features Math Major Bruno Beltran

The LSU Honors College News featured Math Major Bruno Beltran who graduated this May. He is the recipient of a 2013 Goldwater Fellowship, and a 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship that will be supporting his PhD graduate studies in Systems Biology at Stanford University. His Honors Thesis under Professor Frank Neubrander was on Matrix Exponentiation without Scaling and Squaring.

International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Applications

Alex Iosevich, Azita Mayeli and Gestur Olafsson are organizing an International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Applications in New York City from June 1-5, 2015. The conference is supported by the National Science Foundation. 

LSU Awards for Ambar Sengupta and Stephen Shipman

Ambar Sengupta has received a 2015 LSU Distinguished Faculty Award, and Stephen Shipman has received a 2015 LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award.

BIRS workshop on modular categories in Oaxaca, Mexico

Richard Ng, Dmitri Nikshych, Eric Rowell and Zhenghan Wang are organizing a Conference on Modular Categories -- Their Representations, Classification, and Applications in Oaxaca, Mexico. The conference is sponsored by the Banff International Research Station.