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Two Math Majors honored at 2013 Tiger Athletic Foundation Academic Excellence Gala

Two outstanding math majors were honored at the 2013 Tiger Athletic Foundation Academic Excellence Gala.

Christine Derbins, double major in Math and Mass Communications, member of the LSU Track & Field  team, with 4.0 GPA, received the 2013 Wally Pontiff, Jr. Academic Excellence Award.

Alexandra Boulet, Math major with a 4.0 GPA and a member of the LSU Softball Team, received the 2012 TAF Female Scholar Athlete of the year Award.

2013 Goldwater Scholarship for Math major Bruno Beltran; Honorable Mention for Paxton Turner

Bruno Beltran, Math major, was awarded a 2013 Goldwater Fellowship.
At the same contest, Math Major Paxton Turner received an Honorable Mention.

LSU MathCircle receives AMS Epsilon Grant

The LSU MathCircle was awarded partial support for Summer 2013 from the AMS Epsilon Fund. The grant proposal was written by Jessica Bass, Jesse Levitt, and Maria Acosta with the help of Dr. Neubrander. The grant will be used to provide financial support to most of the participants.  

Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop at LSU

The 6th Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop "Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory" will take place at LSU on May 10–12, 2013.

The organizers are Profs. Achar, Olafsson, and Yakimov

LSU Math student teams shine at MAA competition

The LSU math department sent two teams of students to compete in the
"Student Team Competition" held at the meeting of the Louisiana/Mississippi Section of
the MAA on Friday, March 1, 2013.  There were 19 teams from a wide variety of schools
in Louisiana and Mississippi at the competition.  The LSU teams won both
first place (\$100) and second place (\$75) with scores of 131 (out of 150) and 121,

LSU Math Circle team successful in Harvard-MIT-Math Tournament

The LSU MathCircle team at the Harvard MIT Math Tournament achieved marked success on their trip to Boston this President's Day weekend. After placing 2nd in the lower division last year, the eight students from Baton Rouge and New Orleans returned in the upper division to compete against the top 95 teams from around the world.