Spring 2013 Awards

Spring 2013 Awards
From left to right: Soula O'Bannon-Bennis, Nathan Bush, Sarah Seger, Guoli Ding, Allie Petit, Christine Derbins, Robin Smith, Robert Viator, Bruno Beltran, Paxton Turner, Austin Scirratt, Susan Abernathy, James Oxley, Debra Kopcso, Eyad Said, and Andrew Elias.

Faculty who won LSU Awards

Undergrad Math students who won non-math awards

  • Christine Derbins received College Honors, Dean’s Award, and Wally Pontiff Jr. Academic Excellence Award (track and field)
  • Alexandra Boulet received 2012 Tiger Athletic Foundation Female Scholar Athlete of the Year Award (softball)
  • Andrew Elias received Distinguished Communicator Award
  • Paxton Turner received College of Science Outstanding Sophomore Award and Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention
  • Jerome Avery Westin and Nathan Bush received College Honors
  • Bruno Beltran received a Barry Goldwater Scholarship

Undergraduate Math Students Awards

Graduate Math Students Awards

Departmental Service Award

  • Soula O'Bannon-Bennis was recognized for Extraordinary Service to the Department and the University