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LSU Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award for Matt Barnes

Matthew Barnes Matt Barnes is the recipient of the 2018 Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award.

This award recognizes outstanding teaching ability and service to students.

Irina Holmes (PhD 2014) Accepts Assistant Professorship at Texas A&M

Irina Holmes Irina Holmes (PhD 2014, Advisor: Ambar Sengupta) accepted a tenure-track assistant professorship in the Department of Mathematics at Texas A&M. Irina Holmes was a Postdoc at Georgia Tech from 2014-2016. She received an NSF postdoctoral fellowship that she spent at Washington University in St. Louis (2016-2017) and Michigan State University (since 2017).

Spring Mini Courses in Analysis and Geometry 2018

Clock Tower front

A mini course on three important conjectures in Geometry and Geometric analysis will take place at LSU, February 9-11, 2018. The three main lecturers are: Peter Casazza (University of Missouri) on the Feichtinger Conjecture, Alex Iosevich (University of Rochester) on the Falconer Conjecture and Palle Jorgensen (University of Iowa) on the Fuglede conjecture.
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Richard Ng awarded NSF-Focused Research Group Grant on Quantum Computing

Professor Siu-Hung

Professors Richard Ng, Michael Freedman & Zhenghan Wang (Microsoft Station Q, UC Santa Barbara), Eric Rowell (Texas A&M) and Xiao-Gang Wen (Physics, MIT) were awarded a $1.3 Million collaborative NSF-Focus Research Grant on "Mathematical Foundations of Topological Quantum Computation and its Applications".

The research will cover the mathematical, physical, and computational aspects of topological quantum computation.

Third US-Mexico Conference in Representation Theory, Categorification, and Noncommutative Algebra

US-Mexico Conference on Representation Theory, Categorification, and Non-commutative Algebra 2017

The third US-Mexico Conference on Representation Theory, Categorification, and Noncommutative Algebra will take place in UNAM, Mexico City during the week of November 27-December 1.

It is organized by Aaron Lauda (USC), Christof Geiss, Daniel Labardini Fragoso (UNAM), and Milen Yakimov (LSU). The conference series is funded by grants from the NSF and CONACYT.