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2021 David Oxley Graduate Student Teaching Award

James Dylan Douthitt James Dylan Douthitt received the Fall 2021 LSU David Oxley Graduate Student Teaching Award. The award is named in memory of David Grieve Oxley, the son of James and Judith Oxley. The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence in teaching by graduate students. It is given each semester. In the Fall, those eligible are senior graduate students, those who have been in the Mathematics graduate program for more than two years.

P. Sundar and Christian Ennis to Collaborate with Barbara Rüdiger at Wuppertal University.

P. Sundar and Christian Ennis LSU Department of Mathematics Professor P. Sundar and graduate student Christian Ennis are working on a collaborative research project with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from the Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Wuppertal, Germany starting from the Spring of 2022 with research visits arranged at LSU and Wuppertal University.

2021 Porcelli Awards

Sudipta Ghosh receives the 2021 Pasquale Porcelli Graduate Student Research Excellence Award.

Jiuyi Zhu Appointed to Editorial Board of Advanced Nonlinear Studies

Jiuyi Zhu Jiuyi Zhu, LSU Assistant Professor of Mathematics, was appointed to the editorial board of the journal Advanced Nonlinear Studies, published by DeGruyter.

He joined the LSU Department of Mathematics in 2016, coming from Johns Hopkins University, where he was a J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor.

2021 Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarships

2021 Barton Scholarships

Prerna Agarwal, Pujan Shrestha and Jagdeep Singh are awarded the 2021 Arthur K. Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarships, and Sudip Sinha is the recipient of the 2021 A. K. and Shirley Barton Superior Graduate Student Scholarship.

LSU Math Professor Publishes First-Of-Its-Kind Book

Pramod Achar LSU Shirley Blue Barton Professor of Mathematics Dr. Pramod Achar recently published a book titled Perverse Sheaves and Applications to Representation Theory, which aims to guide new researchers in the field of representation theory and its links to topology/geometry.

Postdoc Positions for 2021 Ph.D. Graduates

2021 PhD's The 2021 LSU Math Ph.D. graduates accepted the following postdoctoral positions:

2020 Alexander Vasiliev Award for Publication of Gestur Olafsson

Gestur Olafsson The paper Reflection Positivity on Spheres by Gestur Olafsson and Karl-Hermann Neeb (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg) won the 2020 Alexander Vasiliev Award of the journal Analysis and Mathematical Physics, published by Birkhäuser Verlag.

Li Chen Receives Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant

Li Chen LSU Department of Mathematics Assistant Professor Li Chen was recently awarded a Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians for her research into topics on functional inequalities for Markov semigroups. The award serves to provide funding for travel expenses over 5 years to facilitate research collaboration between accomplished mathematicians in the United States. Dr. Chen joined the LSU Department of Mathematics in August 2020, after having been an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Connecticut.

Shawn Walker Receives NSF Award

Shawn Walker The science of controlling the shapes of things and directing self-organization is the basis of a new project at Louisiana State University that has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). LSU Mathematics Professor Dr. Shawn Walker has received an award from the NSF for “Controlling Geometry: Applications in Physics, Biology, and Manifold Learning,” in the amount of $330k over three years.