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Career Day for Mathematics Graduate Students

The LSU Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics, the LSU Chapter of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the Mathematics Department cosponsored a Career Day for the Mathematics Graduate Students. The purpose was to give advice to students about the job application process and career options. Talks were given by faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students who are completing their PhD this year.

SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition

Congratulations to graduate student Rick Barnard, who was presented with a SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition by Professor Susanne Brenner. Rick was honored for his role in the formation of the chapter and for serving as its first President.

Graduate Student Wins Postdoc at Maryland

Congratulations to Jens Christensen, doctoral student of Prof. Gestur Olafsson, who has won a two-year Research Postdoctoral position at the Mathematics Department of the University of Maryland. Jens is scheduled to receive his PhD at LSU this summer, and he will be doing research at the University of Maryland Mathematics Department's Norbert Wiener Center. Jens's field of research is harmonic analysis and wavelets.

Doctoral Student Wins Postdoc at Iowa

Congratulations to Adam Lowrance, who has won a research post-doctoral position in Mathematics at the University of Iowa, starting in fall 2009. Adam is currently an NSF VIGRE Trainee at LSU. He is scheduled to complete his PhD this year, working with Prof. Scot Baldridge in topology.

Pasquale Porcelli Award for Graduate Research Excellence.

The Pasquale Porcelli Award for Graduate Research Excellence has been presented to three doctoral students: Carolyn Chun, Jens Christensen, and Adam Lowrance. Carolyn Chun has coauthored four research papers and has presented her research at conferences in both Canada and New Zealand. Jens Christensen has presented numerous talks outside LSU and has spent a Research Semester off campus at MIT, visiting Prof. Sigurdur Helgason.

Summer Workshop and Conference Participants

Congratulations to three students: Rick Barnard and Shiyuan Gu will participate in the Mathematical Modeling in Industry XII - A Workshop for Graduate Students at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Minnesota. Jintao Cui will participate in the Industrial Mathematical & Statistical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students at North Carolina State. Silvia Jimenez has been invited to give a talk at the Siam Annual Meeting in San Diego (July 9th) about her research. Silvia is a student of Prof. Rob Lipton. Jintao and Shiyuan are students of Prof. Sue Brenner, and Rick is a student of Prof. Peter Wolenski.

Student wins Named Postdoc at Utah

Graduate student Bacim Alali has won a Wylie Assistant Professorship in Mathematics at the University of Utah. Bacim's dissertation, written under the direction of Prof. Robert Lipton, is entitled Multiscale Analysis of Local Fields in Heterogeneous Media for Local and Nonlocal Continuum Theories. His dissertation research was sponsored by grants from The Boeing Company, the National Science Foundation, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Congratulations to Bacim Alali!

Graduate wins job at USC

Congratulations to Dr. Hong Yin on his job at the University of Southern California. Dr. Yin has been offered a 3 year visiting assistant professorship at USC beginning this fall. His dissertation, written under the direction of Prof. P. Sundar, was entitled Backward Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations in Two Dimensions. He worked this past year at Michigan Technological University, following his 2007 PhD graduation from our department. Hearty congratulations to Hong Yin.


The National Science Foundation has funded the Department's VIGRE (VERTICAL INTEGRATION OF RESEARCH AND EDUCATION) proposal. This is very big news for the whole department. The grant will enhance all aspects of the Department's functioning, including Graduate Student Traineeships, new and stimulating programs for all mathematics graduate students and undergraduate students, and support for Post Doctoral Researchers. Find out the details about the departmental grant.

Internship at National Lab

Congratulations to graduate student Sean Farley, who is working with Professor Blaise Bourdin. Sean has won a summer internship for 2008 as a Givens Associate at the Argonne National Laboratory. Sean will be working with Dr. Barry Smith and Dr. Hong Zhang (formerly of the LSU Mathematics Department) on PETSc. PETSc, pronounced PET-see (the S is silent), is a suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations.