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Postdoc Positions for 2021 Ph.D. Graduates

2021 PhD's The 2021 LSU Math Ph.D. graduates accepted the following postdoctoral positions:

Kent Vashaw Accepts NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship at MIT for Fall 2021

Kent Vashaw LSU Mathematics graduate student Kent Vashaw has accepted a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, which places him at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Fall 2021. He will be mentored by Dr. Pavel Etingof in the MIT Department of Mathematics, performing research in representation theory.

LSU Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award for Joseph Grenier

Joseph Grenier Joseph Grenier is the recipient of the 2019 Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award.

This award recognizes outstanding teaching ability and service to students.

Myron Minn-Thu-Aye (Ph.D. 2013) featured in UConn Magazine

Myron Minn-Thu-Aye Myron Minn-Thu-Aye (Ph.D. 2013; Advisor: Professor Pramod Achar) is featured in the current issue of UConn Magazine of the University of Connecticut:

SIAM Student Chapter Recognition for Jerome Weston

Jerome Weston Jerome Weston received a 2018 SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition. It is awarded annually by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics to the member who had the greatest contribution to the chapter in the previous year(s).  Jerome Weston will complete his Ph.D. this August under the tutelage of Professor Michael Malisoff.

LSU has a very active SIAM chapter that is mentored by Professor Susanne C. Brenner.

Irina Holmes (PhD 2014) Accepts Assistant Professorship at Texas A&M

Irina Holmes Irina Holmes (PhD 2014, Advisor: Ambar Sengupta) accepted a tenure-track assistant professorship in the Department of Mathematics at Texas A&M. Irina Holmes was a Postdoc at Georgia Tech from 2014-2016. She received an NSF postdoctoral fellowship that she spent at Washington University in St. Louis (2016-2017) and Michigan State University (since 2017).

Spartanic LSU math alumni

LSU grads at MSU

Three recent LSU math PhDs are currently postdocs at Michigan State University: Paul Sinz (left; Postdoc in the MSU Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering; PhD 2017; Advisor: Rob Lipton), Irina Holmes (middle; PhD 2016; Advisor: Ambar Sengupta) and Eric Bucher (right; PhD 2016; Advisor: Milen Yakimov).

Joshua Fallon receives 2017 Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award

Joshua Fallon 

Joshua Fallon is the recipient of the 2017 Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award. This award recognizes outstanding teaching ability and service to students.

Postdoctoral positions for new LSU PhD's

A number of 2016 LSU math PhD's have accepted postdoctoral positions:

Best Poster Award for LSU Math Graduate Student Neal Livesay

Neal Livesay's poster on the "Local Theory of Meromorphic Connections" received the best poster award at the Texas-Oklahoma Representations and Automorphic Forms Conference TORA VII.

Neal Livesay's PhD advisor is Professor Daniel Sage.