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NSF Postdoc Fellowship for Irina Holmes, LSU PhD 2014

Irina Holmes was awarded an NSF Postdoc Fellowship. She received her PhD in 2014 at LSU under Ambar Sengupta.

Fall 2015 Awards

Fall 2015 Award Ceremony
From left to right: Matthew Barnes, Jun Peng, Amer Darweesh, Abiti Adili, and Eric Bucher.

New GAANN Grant for Doctoral Fellowships

The Department of Mathematics has been awarded a new 3 year GAANN grant (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need) from the US Departm

Board of Regents Fellowships for 2016 Awarded

A grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents will provide for two Doctoral Fellowships. The students who receive these Fellowships for studies beginning in Fall 2016 will have no teaching duties so they can concentrate on their own studies. The stipends will be $30,000 per year and will run for four years, tuition-free.

Ying Hu appointed Postdoctoral Fellow at UQAM

Ying Hu (soon-to-be LSU PhD, advisor Prof. Dasbach) has been appointed as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre interuniversitaire de recherches en géométrie et topologie (CIRGET), an inter-university research center based at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada. 

Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award for Simon Pfeil

Simon Pfeil is a recipient of the Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award 2015 in recognition of his outstanding teaching ability and service to students. 

Dun Liang appointed Post-doctoral Fellow at Tshinghua University Mathematical Sciences Center

Congratulations to Dun Liang (LSU PhD, Dec 2014, advisor Jerome W. Hoffman) who has been appointed as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Matthew Dawson appointed Post-Doctoral Fellow at Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas

Congratulations to Matthew Dawson (soon-to-be LSU PhD, advisor Prof. Olafsson), who has been appointed as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT) at Guanajuanto, Mexico.

Peter Lambert-Cole appointed Post-doctoral Fellow at Indiana University

Congratulations to Peter Lambert-Cole (soon-to-be LSU PhD, advisor Prof. Baldridge), who has been appointed as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Indiana University

Jasson Vindas (LSU PhD 2009) receives Costa Rica Science Prize

Jasson Vindas who received his PhD in 2009 under Professor Ricardo Estrada was awarded the Costa Rica Science Prize "Clodomiro Picado T." of 2013. He is currently Assistant Professor at Ghent University, Belgium.

It is only the second time that a mathematician received this prize; Ricardo Estrada was the winner in 1996.