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Jasson Vindas (LSU PhD 2009) wins ISAAC award

Jasson Vindas, who got his PhD in 2009 under Ricardo Estrada, received the ISAAC Award 2013 of the International Society for Analysis, its applications and computations. Jasson Vindas is currently Assistant Professor at Ghent University, Belgium. Previous price winners include Terrence Tao (UCLA).


Leaving LSU, and off to a PhD program

Among the 2013 graduates in math that are leaving LSU, and are heading to a PhD program are Nathan Bush (Math, Texas A&M), Daniel Case (Physics, Northwestern University), Donovan B. Myers (Physics, Urbana-Champaign), Thomas Naugle (Math, University of Mississippi), and Sarah Seger (Math, Rice University).

See for more examples on the placement of recent undergraduates.

Graduate School Dissertation-Year Fellowship

Congratulations to Irina Holmes, a Mathematics Department Graduate Student advised by Professor Ambar Sengupta, for winning a prestigious Graduate School Dissertation-Year Fellowship for the academic year 2013-2014.

Board of Regents $32,000 Fellowships for 2014 Awarded

A grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents will provide for two Doctoral Fellowships. The students who receive these Fellowships for studies beginning in Fall 2014 will have no teaching duties so they can concentrate on their own studies. The stipends will be $32,000 per year and will run for four years, tuition-free.

Yi Zhang wins Postdoc at University of Tennessee

Congratulations to Yi Zhang (soon-to-be LSU PhD, advisor Prof. Brenner), who has accepted a three year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Tennessee.

Laura Rider awarded NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to Laura Rider (soon-to-be LSU PhD, advisor Prof. Achar), who has been awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship to be used at MIT.

New GAANN Grant for Doctoral Fellowships

The Department has been awarded a new 3 year GAANN grant (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need)

Postdoctoral positions for graduate students Yue Chen, Maria Vega and Amber Russell

Yue Chen, Maria Vega and Amber Russell accepted Postdoctoral positions starting in the Fall of 2012.

Yue Chen, who will receive his PhD in the Summer of 2012 under the direction of Professor Robert Lipton, will be a 3-year Postdoctoral Scholar in the Math Department of the University of Kentucky.

Maria Vega, who received her PhD under Dan Sage in December of 2011, will be a 3-year Postdoc at North Carolina State University.

Amber Russell, who will receive her PhD in the Summer of 2012 under Pramod Achar, will be a 3-year Postdoc at the University of Georgia. 

Article of Sam Nelson (LSU PhD 2002) featured in the "Notices of the AMS"

The article "The Combinatorial Revolution in Knot Theory" by Sam Nelson was featured in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society in the December 2011 issue. Sam Nelson received his PhD from LSU in 2002 under Professor Rick Litherland. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Claremont McKenna College, CA.