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Graduate Student Selected for International Summer Institute

The National Science Foundation’s Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE) has selected graduate student Lee Windsperger to participate in the 2009 East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI). During the summer of 2009, Lee will visit the University of Dunedin in New Zealand to do research with Professor Boris Baeumer (LSU Math PhD 1997). 

Jintao Cui Receives a 2009 SIAM Student Paper Prize

Jintao Cui, a doctoral student of Professor Susanne Brenner, received student paper prizes awarded at the 2009 SIAM SEAS Spring Meeting held in Columbia, SC. The selection committee was very impressed with his presentation of his research, as well as the contributions his research has made to mathematics.

Jasson Vindas Wins National Award

Congratulations to Jasson Vindas, doctoral student of Ricardo Estrada, who has been awarded the Costa Rica Young Scientist Award. The prize is rotated among the different scientific areas, and is given to a young mathematician every 4 years. The first math winner, in 1992, also has an LSU connection.

Graduate Student Wins Postdoc at Goethe University

Congratulations to Avaro Guevara, doctoral student of Professors Wolenski and Malisoff.  Alvaro has won a two-year Research Postdoctoral Job at the Visual Sensorics and Information Processing Lab (VSI) at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, in collaboration with the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS).

CCT Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship

Congratulations to Jintao Cui, who has been awarded a CCT Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship for next year.  Also, Jintao has  won a prize for a student paper presented at the SIAM meeting in Columbia, South Carolina, in April.

Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship

Congratulations to Leah Childers, to whom the Graduate School has awarded a Dissertation Year Fellowship for the coming academic year.  

Career Day for Mathematics Graduate Students

The LSU Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics, the LSU Chapter of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the Mathematics Department cosponsored a Career Day for the Mathematics Graduate Students. The purpose was to give advice to students about the job application process and career options. Talks were given by faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students who are completing their PhD this year.

SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition

Congratulations to graduate student Rick Barnard, who was presented with a SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition by Professor Susanne Brenner. Rick was honored for his role in the formation of the chapter and for serving as its first President.

Graduate Student Wins Postdoc at Maryland

Congratulations to Jens Christensen, doctoral student of Prof. Gestur Olafsson, who has won a two-year Research Postdoctoral position at the Mathematics Department of the University of Maryland. Jens is scheduled to receive his PhD at LSU this summer, and he will be doing research at the University of Maryland Mathematics Department's Norbert Wiener Center. Jens's field of research is harmonic analysis and wavelets.

Doctoral Student Wins Postdoc at Iowa

Congratulations to Adam Lowrance, who has won a research post-doctoral position in Mathematics at the University of Iowa, starting in fall 2009. Adam is currently an NSF VIGRE Trainee at LSU. He is scheduled to complete his PhD this year, working with Prof. Scot Baldridge in topology.