Spring/Fall 2003 Capstone Projects

Radiation Therapy Optimization

This project comes from Our Lady of the Lake PET Imaging Center. The center is seeking to automates cancer detection and treatment into a more precise process.

Mathematical Model of Systolic Blood Pressure Fluctuations

For ages, medical science has always used biological explanations. And now, the expansion of medicine is leading to a new path, the use of mathematical modeling to explain physiological patterns. The objective of this project is to model normal, healthy blood pressure curves using mathematical programs.

Analysis of Heart Rate Variability

This project is on frequency and time domain analysis of heart rate data. The goal is to detect heart rate variability in sympathetic and parasympathetic frequency ranges. Software was developed in cooperation with the Kinesiology Department since 2001. Currently the user interface is being developed. In the past semester interface was completely remodeled and it is being written in Matlab GUIs.

Tracking of Honeywell's Downtime

This optimization project comes from the Honeywell Chemical Plant in Geismer, LA, a major producer of HF. The plant is seeking to optimize the effectiveness of plant operations by examining their hourly operation data to find what factors are limiting production and increasing unnecessary downtime.

Seismic Sled Data Noise Filtration

This project is concerned with taking seismic data from the geology department and figuring out how to remove noise from the data to get a more accurate reading.